Solarwinds - low volume alerts not working


I’ve hit the proverbial wall with a particular alert in Solarwinds and getting it to work with PagerDuty. I’m using the PagerDuty template “Alert me via PagerDuty when the free space of a volume is less than 5%” and try as I may I can’t get it work.

I’ve left everything default in the alert template with the exemption of adding "Node PDIntegrationKey is equal to ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’ in the trigger condition.

When I simulate the alert in SW I get the ‘Failed to execute HTTP request’ and that’s as far as I get.

Yes the URL that the message is sent to is

Does anyone have experience with this? So far I’ve been able to work through all my issues, but I can’t seem to figure this one out.

HI Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out. In order for us to take a closer look at this and avoid sharing personal information, if you can open a Support ticket with with a URL from the Service that you are trying to trigger these Low events on an an timestamp, including timezone of the last event you sent through that did not trigger.

Once I have this I can take a closer look.